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Ningana Enterprises Inc., a not-for-profit registered charity, was founded in 1965 by parents and community members. It's aim was to provide employment opportunities for people with disability. In 1971, the organisation, then known as Murrumbidgee Air Retarded Persons (MARP) opened Ningana Hostels in Kookora Street, Griffith, to accommodate up to 10 people who worked for MARP's workshop. In 1997, the organisation employed a new manager, Fiona Durham, currently Ningana's Chief Executive Officer, to manage accommodation, services and employment operations. Between 1997 and 2013, Ningana has grown substantially and now operates:

  • Multiple day program services including Transition to Work and Community Participation programs
  • Flexible centre-based and in-home Respite services for parents and carers of children and adults with disability
  • Supported Accommodation services operating from Kookora Street, Griffith
  • Social Support for people with disability to enable independent living
  • An Australian Disability Enterprise, comprising of an organic farm which provides employment to adults with disability

Ningana currently supports over 100 people with disability and their families and carers across the Riverina Murray and employs 43 full-time and part-time staff across all the services.